Industry Trading Solution

The trading industry operates in an extremely competitive environment and strives to meet profitability goals by abiding to legal and social standards. An enterprise can win only when it is capable of delivering products and services in time at lowest price. This mandates meticulous inventory planning, access to market intelligence and outstanding performance on managing the inbound, outbound & reverse logistics, and focusing on innovative channels of distribution.

Industry Retail Solution

Today's retail world is complex and highly competitive. Global expansion, consumers demand for variety and choice, and improving supply chain systems create challenges. In this scenario, sustaining growth through new markets and building lifetime consumer loyalty are the priorities to any retail business organization. Exensys has deep domain knowledge and expertise in Retail with its focus on providing solutions centered on core Retail business processes.

Industry Automotive Solution

Sapio has years of matured industry expertise. Our business-specific, integrated solutions are tailored for the automotive sector, ensuring that you can meet the challenges of today's highly volatile marketplace. eXensys Industry Automotive Solution automates the complete sales cycle right from knowing the customer to delivery of the vehicle. It supports efficient management of after sales service.

Industry Manufacturing Solution

Manufacturing organizations today are facing increased pressures on profitability despite using the latest technologies to optimize quality and productivity. eXensys Industry manufacturing Solution streamlines the business processes across the enterprise by reducing inventory, optimizing sourcing and managing customer demand to focus primarily on optimizing production leading to higher profitability.

Industry Public Sector Solution

Public sector operates in an extremely competitive environment and strives to meet people and department goals by abiding to legal, social standards and regulations. Any government or administration can be successful only when it is capable of delivering services in time and at the lowest price. This mandates meticulous planning and execution of the various department processes and map the same to the expectations of both internal and external stakeholders.

About the School Software

Our School Software is a complete school management system. It is a solution that spans across all functional requirments and departments of eductaional institutions.It is maodular in design and can therefor be progressively upgraded as your institution and requirements grow .It acts as a complete decision - support system

Online Examination

Admin Module

The admin can enter the data of particular subjects and particular classes in the examinaton system.

Teacher Module

The Teacher has to set the exam in the existing records in the database who had been entered by the admin

Students Module

The student has to able to write the exam which has been conducted by the teacher.The student can view their wrong answers at that time and the syste can suggest the correct answers. The student has to write the exam in the stipulated time wehich has been given by the teacher when conducting the test