USB RFID / MIFARE / NFC Reader / Writer

  • USB RFID / MIFARE / NFC Reader / Writer
  • Overview

    It is a Smart Card / RFID Reader with USB Interface; it is designed especially for vending machines, Payment Gates, Loyalty Card Control System, Time and Access Control Systems and also at high security zones like Server rooms and Datacenters etc.

  • Features

      Radio frequency 13.56 MHz/ 125 KHz.
      Supports both USB HID and USB COM port
      Comply with ISO 14443A Protocol / EM-ID 125K
      Support Mifare 1K S50, Mifare, 4k S70, RFID
      Proximity Cards
      Support Reading and Writing / Reading
      Accurate Data Export

  • Usage Areas

      Cash Cards / Recharge Cards
      Loyalty Points Top-up
      Attendance Management System
      Vending Machine Cards
      All Kinds of General Applications